Everything From Renting, Refurbishing To Redesigning Your Yacht.


We are for sale - RYY.com

RYY is a prime example of a premium, three-letter domain name that is not only short and memorable but also highly versatile. The brevity of RYY.com makes it incredibly valuable, as shorter domain names are easier for customers to remember and type into their web browsers, enhancing brand recall and engagement.

Industry Applications:

The acronym RYY offers immense potential as a brand for various industries. Here are some creative ways RYY.com can be utilized:

Yachting Industry:
Rent Your Yacht
Rent Yacht Yards
Repair Your Yacht
Rest Your Yacht
Revolutionize Your Yacht

Health and Wellness:
Restore Your Youth
Realize Your Youth
Remember Your Youth

Home and Garden:
Renting Your Yard
Repairing Your Yard

These examples demonstrate the wide-ranging applicability of RYY, making it a versatile domain name suitable for multiple business ventures.

Potential Uses:

Corporate Branding:
RYY.com is perfect for any company with the initials RYY. Additionally, it serves as an excellent brand name for a new business looking to establish a strong, memorable online presence.

Product or Service:
The domain can be leveraged to promote a specific product or service, especially those aligning with the RYY acronym.

Personal Branding:
Individuals with the initials RYY can utilize this domain for personal branding, such as a portfolio website, making their online identity unique and professional.

Domain names are akin to digital real estate, with the potential to appreciate in value over time. Even if you dont find an immediate buyer, RYY.com could become more valuable in the future, presenting a lucrative investment opportunity.

Past 3L Sales Highlights:

GYY.com – $527,000 USD
OYY.com – $34,999 USD
NCC.com – $300,000 USD
PFF.com – $270,000 USD
DCC.com – $198,000 USD
MCC.com – $195,000 USD
LGG.com – $175,000 USD
RSS.com – $135,000 USD
NBB.com – $95,000 USD
PAA.com – $75,050 USD

These sales underscore the high value and strong market demand for premium three-letter domain names, highlighting the potential for significant returns on RYY.com.

Dont Miss Out on This Unique Opportunity
Seize the chance to own RYY, a domain that embodies simplicity, versatility, and high market value. Whether for branding, personal use, or investment, RYY.com is a standout choice that promises a significant impact and excellent returns.

Valuation Range: $25,000 – $300,000

Data from millions of actual domain transactions. Agent․ai by Dharmesh Shah – founder of HubSpot, collaborated by @vietyork – short link to this tool =   vi․et/dn

Raw Equity

Annual exact match searches10,000
Top search percentage5%
Top search bid$1.50
Exact match keyword valueModerate
Keyword variationsFew
Keyword variations total volume20,000
Question variationsFew
Question variations total volume5,000
Length3 characters
Number of syllables1
Feeling evokedNeutral
Easiness to spellEasy
Easiness to pronounceEasy
Easiness to pronounce by non-English speakersEasy
Easiness to writeEasy
Easiness to write first few charactersEasy
Domain name blacklist historyNone
Backlink profileModerate
Organic search trafficModerate
Competitor domainsFew
Social signalLow
Domain popularityModerate
Indexing statusIndexed
Technical SEO healthGood
Brand search volumeLow
Domain authorityModerate
Page rankModerate
Social media presenceLow
Traffic dataModerate
Current usePremium
Trademark issuesNone
Mobile friendlinessHigh
Security historyClean
Geographical relevanceGlobal
Characters below underlineNone
ccTLD or gTLDNo
Hyphens in domain nameNone
Non-English phrase or wordNo
Number in domain nameNo

Raw Equity Total: $50,000 – $70,000

Market Budget

Market brandabilityModerate
Market saturationLow
Market penetration of businesses using similar domainsLow
Buyer intentModerate
Competitor analysisFew competitors
Seasonal trendsLow
Economic conditionsStable
Emerging marketsPotential growth
Buyer persona analysisModerate
Industry relevanceModerate
Potential buyers’ cash on handModerate
Potential buyers’ recent fundraising sizeModerate
Potential buyers’ growth rateModerate
Potential buyers’ budgets for domain namesModerate
Economic indicatorsStable
Related market’s liquidityModerate
Related market’s growth rateModerate
Ability to extract revenue for commercial useModerate
Similar domain value if for saleModerate
Business built on that nameLikely
Ease of selling the domainModerate

Market Budget Total: $40,000 – $60,000

Perceived Value

Cultural relevanceLow
Technological advancementsLow
Economic conditionsStable
Brand equity transferModerate
Celebrity/influencer associationLow
Crisis resilienceModerate
Ultra premium statusYes
Market hypeLow
Hold time willingness1 year

Perceived Value Total: $60,000 – $80,000

Grand Total Valuation

TypeValue Range
Lowball$25,000 – $160,000
Wholesale$160,000 – $180,000
Retail$180,000 – $200,000
Corporate$200,000 – $220,000
Strategic acquisition$220,000 – $300,000

ryy.com is a valuable short domain name with moderate raw equity, market budget potential, and perceived value. This 3-character, ultra-premium .com domain has high brandability and memorability, making it suitable for various uses. The domain’s valuation, considering all aspects, ranges from $25,000 to $300,000, depending on the type of buyer and market conditions.

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